Lost Hound Notifications

If your hound is lost, or if you are helping to search for a lost hound, please post information and updates here. If you wish to receive notification when a lost hound notice is posted, subscribe to this forum.
Forum rules
PLEASE MAINTAIN ONLY ONE THREAD PER HOUND. Keeping all responses in the same thread will allow people to follow the thread and stay connected with the search.

When posting a Lost Hound Notice please provide the following information: (you can copy this and paste into your posting to fill in your details)

- Your Name
- Your Cell Phone Number
- Secondary Contact Phone Number (optional)
- Your Email Address
- Hound Name
- Hound Color
- Hound Gender
- Any Unique Identifiers? (collar color, coat color, etc.)
- Personality (friendly, outgoing, or shy, spooky?)
- When did the hound escape? (Day, Date, and Time AM/PM)
- Where did the hound escape from? Include city and street address if available, or area landmarks.
- Any special word or phrase that will get the hound excited to come running ("Treat," "Car Ride," etc?)
- Who is leading the search? Name, phone numbers and or e-mail address.

Lost Hound Notifications

Postby Carol S » Sat Feb 11, 2012 10:37 am

I would like to request that lost hound postings also go through our prior e mail list. I may easily miss postings here.

Carol Steenson
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Carol S
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Re: Lost Hound Notifications

Postby BeerNerd » Sat Feb 11, 2012 2:10 pm

Carol S wrote:I would like to request that lost hound postings also go through our prior e mail list. I may easily miss postings here.

Carol Steenson

Carol -

We've taken 3 steps to ensure that lost hound info gets out to far more people than the old eList.

1. You can "Subscribe" to this forum (not just a particular topic, see Scott's explanation here http://forum.gpa-mn.org/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=268). That will ensure that EVERY post in this forum goes directly to your e-mail inbox.

2. You can join the Lost Hound Network, which has members from all three major Greyhound rescue groups in the metro area, not just GPA. It's on the GPA-MN home page under "Resources" or you can just click here and fill out the contact form - http://www.gpa-mn.org/lost-hound-contact-form.html

3. Everyone who received the old eList (plus many of the people who had unsubscribed over the years) was automatically subscribed to the new GPA E-blast, which will also be used in the event of a lost hound.

This way we can notify far more people in the event of a lost hound, and they can stay updated on the search at the level that is comfortable to them - anywhere from minute by minute updates to "I have some time free, where should I go?"
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